Gaming monitor ASUS VG248QE

Fast response time

144 Hz

Award winning

Made for gaming

Trying to explain the feeling of a 144 Hz monitor to someone gaming with a normal 60-75 Hz is frustrating. In the same way you cannot explain to a caveman how awesome memes are, I cannot convey with adequate correctness just how smooth a proper gaming monitor feels.

However I can promise you, that the experience will change you. If you find a time machine after buying and gaming with 144 Hz you will go back in time, not to kiss Sarah from back when you were 16, ohhh the girl who got away….. NO! You will go back and punch yourself in the face for not buying it sooner. Then, when you return, you will have an awesome scar AND a solid gaming monitor!

Now onto what the producers want to see: Why the Asus VG248QE is the pick for you!

Entry level? I don’t even…

Entry level hardware is a solution with all the basics covered but without fluff, no spinning rims nor fancy gadgets. The VG248QE it is a monitor bred purely with one purpose, to perform well in gaming environments and in this regard ASUS has not let us down.

For a general rundown of the different parameters view our post: Monitors, they’re important dammit!


  • Refresh rate

    The refresh rate of the ASUS VG248QE is one of the monitor’s best features and one of the determining factors in why it is likely an upgrade for your current setup.

    Let’s put this into perspective:
    Refreshing 144 times pr. second is 2.4 times faster than using the 60 Hz monitor you are likely using now, which means the world when you want a responsive gaming experience.

    For a visual depiction we enlist the assistance of the UFO boys, look UFO.

    See how visible the change from 15 to 30 updates(fps) is? Now wrap your head around how crappy 30 looks compared to 60. Can you imagine how smooth 144 Hz both look and feel now?

  • Response time

    Being a true gaming monitor the ASUS VG248QE uses overdrive to accelerate pixel response time. Out of the box the ASUS branded “trace free” setting is set to 60 (0-100) which speeds up transitions without producing artifacts.

    You can fiddle around with the setting but most find letting it rest at 60 is a good compromise between response time and image quality.

  • Input lag

    Ahhhhh input lag, in short – it sucks, luckily the ASUS VG248QE has almost none of it – which is one of the main reasons why it’s our pick.

    With just over 2 ms of input lag, the VG248QE is a gaming beast. Fast enough to update it’s 144 refreshes pr. second delivering you instant input response

Pretty technical captain, what’s the conclusion?!

We found the gaming oriented beast to be quite ergonomic with it’s height adjustable, swivel, tilt and pivot possibilities – they matter less to us than the gaming capabilities, but it is always nice to have both a high tech and ergonomic solution.

The monitor chassis has a glossy finish in sharp contrast to its anti glare panel, this reduces reflections and makes sure you can game even when the sun is up.
Never leave your house again!
The reasons we chose precisely this monitor, is the refresh rate plus the almost total absence of input lag and ghosting. It delivers a revolutionary gaming experience at a very affordable price point. Do not rob yourself, your children or anyone you know of this experience – every gamer deserves a proper gaming display!

If you valued our input and would like to purchase the reviewed item please use our link, this way we get a small fee from the seller (at no extra cost to you – win/win!)