Gaming monitor ASUS VG248QE

Trying to explain the feeling of a 144 Hz monitor to someone gaming with a normal 60-75 Hz is frustrating. In the same way you cannot explain to a caveman how awesome memes are, I cannot convey with adequate correctness just how smooth a proper gaming monitor feels.

However I can promise you, that the experience will change you. If you find a time machine after buying and gaming with 144 Hz you will go back in time, not to kiss ...

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Monitors, they’re important dammit!

In this article we will identify and explore the pitfalls of buying a monitor for gaming

The issue

As gamers we are spending a lot of our time in front of these things and most of us do not realise the benefits of operating with a monitor which fits our needs perfectly.
When buying or upgrading setups the monitor is often neglected. Normal procedure is using what’s left over in the budget after buying graphics card, CPU, RAM etc. and if there ...

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